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Rigsketball 2018 Will Take Place On July 20-21-22-26-27!


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  • People playing for your band must be active members of the band (like on stage when you play live).
  • 3 on 3, half court, no out of bounds.
  • best of 3 games to 21, win by 2.
  • 2's, 3's, and we wrote a 5 point spot on the ground with chalk, it's way over there by that trash can...
  • Make it take it, except on game point the down team takes ball.
  • Pass in (no shooting or dribbling in at the start of a possession).
  • You only have to reset the play (take ball to 3 point line) after the other team hits the rim.
  • Don't be a jerk, ever. Especially at a Rigsketball game because Bim will hug you until you stop being a baby.
  • If your band has more than three members, you can sub in whenever.
  • Don't call every hand slap. Do keep things safe and friendly.
  • Shoot for first possession. Loser of last game starts with ball after that.
  • Yes, you can jump off the bumper of the van to dunk. And you can use the van to pass the ball off of.
  • You can climb onto the van, but if you are on the van you can't call fouls. High risk, high reward.