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Sign your band up here to play Rigsketball at Treefort 2018!

Rigsketball is half-court band v.s. band basketball on a regulation height hoop attached to a van.

it's just a fun thing to do with other bands while we're all in Boise for Treefort 2018.

it's free, we don't have any sort of "get". you and your band will enjoy this, no matter what your sports abilities. Sign your band up, why the clunk not?

this rips!

Phone (of whoever we can get ahold of while at Treefort) *
Phone (of whoever we can get ahold of while at Treefort)
We'll Schedule Your Game. *
Which day/time window works best for your band? Your match itself will take under an hour.
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We will have the Rigsketball van set up, and the chalk 3-point-line drawn, in the middle of the street at Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID:

  • W Grove St between 13th & 14th
  • Saturday March 24th, noon-8pm

The Rules:

  • People playing for your band must be active members of the band (like on stage when you play live).
  • 3 on 3, half court, no out of bounds.
  • best of three games to either 21 or 15, win by 2.
  • 2's, 3's, and we wrote a 5 point spot on the ground with chalk, it's way over there by that trash can...
  • Make it take it, except on game point the down team takes ball.
  • Pass in (no shooting or dribbling in at the start of a possession).
  • You only have to reset the play (take ball to 3 point line) after the other team hits the rim. Shots that don't hit the rim don't count.
  • Don't be a jerk, ever, and especially at a Rigsketball game.
  • If your band has more than three members, you can sub in whenever.
  • Don't call every hand slap. Do keep things safe and friendly.
  • Shoot for first possession. Loser of last game starts with ball after that.
  • Yes, you can jump off the bumper of the van to dunk. And you can use the van to pass the ball off of.
  • You can climb onto the van, but if you are on the van you can't call fouls. High risk, high reward.