Rigsketball Musicfest 2017! 

Rigsketball Musicfest is the most ripping free music festival on planet Portland. 

 Rigsketball Musicfest Night One.

Rigsketball Musicfest Night One.


Night one of Rigsketball Musicfest features the Round of Eight games of the tournament starting at 6pm followed by this killer bill of Portland bands starting at 8pm. It's free, it rips, there will be pizza. 

The East Portland Eagles Lodge is from a different time, it is a place that has remained community based here in Portland for the last 50 + years. It is a strangely wonderful place run by strangely wonderful people. It's a cash bar so there's that. We'll have $2 tall boys though so if that's your thing, you know what to do. 

July 27th: FREE
The Woolen Men - 11:00 PM
Boone Howard - 10:00 PM
Kulululu - 9:00 PM
Kyle Craft - 8:00 PM
Rigsketball Round of Eight Games - 6:00 PM

 Rigsketball Musicfest Night Two.

Rigsketball Musicfest Night Two.

Night Two!

Night two of Rigsketball Musicfest features the Semifinals of the tournament starting at 6pm and this bonkers bill of bands starting at 8pm. 

All three nights of Rigsketball Musicfest are free and the event is all ages until 9pm each night. If you are interested in why we couldn't make it all ages the whole time please contact us and Bim would be happy to talk through this with you. Maybe you two can work on changing that in the future! For now though, it was out of our hands. 

July 28th: FREE
Cat Hoch - 11:00 PM
The Lavendar Flu - 10:00 PM
Ghost Frog - 9:00 PM
Bleach Blonde Dudes - 8:00 PM
Rigsketball Semifinals - 6:00 PM

 Rigsketball Musicfest Night Three.

Rigsketball Musicfest Night Three.

Night three!

Night three of Rigsketball Musicfest features the FINALS of Rigsketball 2017 starting at 6pm and then this banger of a show will start at 7pm! We can't wait either.


July 29th: FREE
Chanti Darling - 12:00 AM
MELT (EP Release!) - 11:00 PM
Donte Thomas - 10:00 PM
Candace - 9:00 PM
Tribe Mars - 8:00 PM
Malt Lizard - 7:00 PM
Rigsketball Finals! - 6:00 PM

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